Deep Relationships In Building, Developing, and Financing Real Estate

We leverage our 30+ years of experience to conduct deep due diligence and implement highly organized project development from acquisition, to entitlement and completion.

Sue Ogren

All About Opportunity Zones

Opportunity Zones are defined as “economically distressed communities where new investments, under certain conditions, may be eligible for preferential tax treatment.” Simply understanding the mechanisms of OZs creates a major barrier to entry for more socially-minded investors.

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NEW Qualified Opportunity Zone Property

Bayview Resort at Rockport

A modern enclave surrounded by the natural beauty of Aransas bay! Living all the style of urban life while escaping to the coastal bend in South East Texas.

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available from 9am – 6pm

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Why Us?

We leverage the 30+ years  experience of our team members to conduct deep due diligence on every potential project.

How we source deals via our network of brokers and the relationships that we have developed over the years.

Your local government is our partner.  Together we build thoughtful and impactful projects that will serve as long-term improvements for current and future generations.

meet our Expert team

John Berlet

General Partner

As the General Partner of Tandem Trust Real Estate LLP and Coastal Bend OZ Fund Manager, John brings his experience to the organization formed to build wealth for his partners and investors. As CEO of Tandem Trust Financial LLC, he has assisted his clients in reaching their financial goals for the past 40 years.

Nathaniel Dodson

Legal Counsel

Advises clients on matters related to securities, financing, real estate, opportunity zones, and M&A. Through leveraging his expertise in the industry along with the help from his long list of trusted connections, Nathaniel has represented over $2 Billion in real estate and business funding transactions.

Sue Ogren

Executive Assistant

Sue’s career has spanned 4 decades with positions that include Managing a Multi-location Retail Operation. At the very core, there has been a focused calling; service and accuracy in everything she does. Her skills in research and communications are also a large part of what she contributes to her administrative position.

Chuck Glass of Nueces Construction, has been hired as Project Manager for the Bayview Resort property.  With 30+ years of experience in Coastal Region building, he will coordinate work permits, hire contractors, troubleshoot emergencies, schedule walk-throughs, and keep clients informed of work timetables. Proactive construction management is essential to obtain the sustainable footprint required to achieve maximum ROI for our investor members.
Chuck’s other current projects include three, million-dollar-plus homes on Key Allegro Island in Rockport, Texas.

Nueces Consulting LLC

Chuck Glass CEO

Coastal Bend OZ Fund is happy to announce that we are officially a verified member of the Verivest Sponsor
Network! We are committed to trust and transparency, helping you invest your hard-earned money with peace of mind.

Verivest is a first-of-its-kind platform designed to bring greater trust and transparency to middle-market real estate
investing. They provide independent due diligence of sponsors, including background checks and, for many sponsors,
track record verification and ongoing investor capital monitoring. Verivest corroborates sponsor representations to help
investors more confidently find, assess, and choose the right sponsors and deals. Verivest does not sell or promote any
securities, provide any investment advice, or recommend any sponsors or deals.

Verified sponsors communicate their commitment to transparency through third-party verification and validation. To
become Verivest Verified, a sponsor’s principals must pass a background check, sign the Verivest Code of Conduct,
and pay a membership fee. To attain the next level, sponsors agree to have all their active opportunities
monitored on an ongoing basis to prove they are following the rules of the deal’s operating agreement and allocating
money how they said they would.

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